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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    Regulatory Success with Digital Combination Products

    Regulatory Success with Digital Combination Products

    Date: 24-Sep-2019

    ISAM Webinar presented by 


    Samir SHAH, PhD

    Associated Director of Regulatory Affairs, TEVA Pharmaceuticals

    This webinar is initiated by the New devices, emerging therapies and e-health networking group. 

    Facilitated by,  Nivedita Shetty, Mark Nagel, Sabine Haeussermann  from the ISAM New Devices Emerging Therapies and e-Health Networking Group.

    Tuesday 24th of September 2019

    8 am-9 am (San Diego, CA); 11 am-12 am (New York, NY); 5 pm-6 pm (Paris, France)

    Computer connection: connect here.  

    Mobile connection: download the app Adobe Connect Mobile for iOS or Android use this address for the “meeting URL,” click “Accès invite” to enter the webinar

    ISAM webinars are open to all ISAM members and are more specifically intended for early career / young researchers and clinicians in the field of aerosol medicine.

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