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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine


    Why Become a Member of ISAM?

    Unlimited Access to the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery

    Members receive on-line access to the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery (JAMPDD) for the latest, cutting-edge research and review articles on aerosols in medicine.

    Access to the ISAM Textbook of Aerosol Medicine

    The textbook provides comprehensive coverage of a broad range of topics related to aerosol science and clinical applications of aerosol therapy. The textbook has been written by content experts, and provides concise and up-to-date information on various topics of interest to aerosol scientists and clinicians. Dr. Rajiv Dhand, MD, the Editor-in-Chief, has been ably supported by 8 associate editors who are well known authorities in their respective fields. To allow crossover of readership between aerosol scientists and clinicians the book is primarily targeted to clinicians entering a Pulmonary fellowship program and graduate students starting a research career.

    The ISAM Textbook of Aerosol Medicine is an electronic book divided into four sections. Section 1 deals with aerosol deposition imaging, clearance, and assessment of inhaled products, Section 2 with aerosol devices, formulations, and particulates, Section 3 with clinical applications of aerosol therapy and adherence to inhaled drugs, and Section 4 addresses inhaled biotherapeutics, systemic therapy, limitations of aerosol therapy, regulatory issues with inhaled drugs, and nasal delivery of drugs. The book will be further expanded and updated in the future.

    Resources for Members

    The membership area includes a networking forum, direct journal access, registered member listing, and educational materials.

    Young Investigators

    ISAM has made a commitment to support young investigators of ISAM by creating a student forum with the aim to create a community amongst those that are interested in aerosol medicine and to facilitate special programs or networking events during ISAM events such as the biennial congress. The forum is led by Phillip Clapp, Emily Kolewe and Jordan Hoops. For more details please login in the Member area.

    Award nomination possibilities

    Discounted registration fees for ISAM Congresses and workshops.

    Please note that membership payments are due yearly and should be paid by the end of January. They will be considered delinquent by the end of February. The annual dues for 2020 full membership is $200. An option is available for joint European Respiratory Society (ERS) - ISAM membership for an additional $30. This joint membership option gives you full membership rights in both societies at a fraction of the cost.

    Additional benefits from a Joint ERS-ISAM Membership

    Discounted access to the European Respiratory Society International Congress – the largest respiratory meeting in the world

    Online access to a range of publications covering the spectrum of respiratory topics, including ERS flagship publications in European Respiratory Journal (ERJ)

    Funding opportunities for research and attendance at conferences

    Opportunity to apply for the prestigious title Fellow of ERS (FERS)

    Free online educational material to enhance your learning

    Reduced rates for training courses to network and learn from experts in the field

    Access to harmonised qualifications through the HERMES initiative

    Opportunity to shape public health policies

    Access to a patient network to incorporate the patient voice in your work and patient resources to use in your clinic

    Types of Memberships

    Joint ERS-ISAM 

    This option provides for full membership of both the European Respiratory Society (ERS) as well as ISAM

    1 Year

    $230 USD

    Full Member 

    Full members are entitled to all the benefits and privileges of the Society

    1 year

    $200 USD

    Student or Fellow Membership

    Student or Fellow membership applies to students or fellows currently enrolled in an educational program

    1 year

    $65 USD


    Reduced Membership

    This membership option is available to retired individuals over 65 years old

    1 year

    $65 USD