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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    COVID-19 Webinar scheduled for Nov 18, 2020

    COVID-19 Webinar scheduled for Nov 18, 2020


    Please join us for the next ISAM webinar on November 18th, 2020:

    Dissemination and Treatment Strategy for Hypoxemic Insufficiency in COVID-19

    Dr. med Patrick Stais
    Senior physician at the Lung Thorax Center, Bethanien Hospital

    Facilitator: Nivedita Shetty, PhD, Genentech, South San Francisco

    - Discussion of German therapy recommendations for critical ill patients with COVID-19
    - Risks of too early intubated ventilation
    - Our concept for treatment of COVID-19 patients with respiratory insufficiency
    - Our medication concept for treatment of COVID-19
    - Our hygiene concept
    - Review of treatment outcomes with COVID-19 at our clinic
    Wednesday 18th of November 2020
    8 am – 9 am (San Diego, CA); 11 am – 12 am (New York, NY); 5 pm – 6 pm (Paris, France)
    Webinar link: https://univ-tours.adobeconnect.com/isam/
    ISAM webinars are open to all ISAM members and are more specifically intended for early career / young researchers and clinicians in the field of aerosol medicine.