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Adapting Aerosols in Medicine during COVID-19 Global Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has drawn a light on the critical role that aerosols play in medicine. This role includes the ability to utilize inhalation as a route of drug delivery, the potential for respiratory transmission of disease and the need for scientists (academic and commercial) to work with regulatory scientists to work efficiently in response to an evolving need. In all of this ISAM, its members and the community that relies on their expertise have found themselves in the middle of it all. It would be impossible to highlight every example that aerosols in medicine have had on the recent COVID-19 pandemic but it’s important to highlight some examples that display the important role ISAM’s expertise plays in this global pandemic.

The role of aerosol transmission of COVID-19 has been debated and discussed throughout the current pandemic. It has been well accepted by the scientific community that the risk of transmission is increased during the interactions that medical professionals have with infected patients. Jie Li presented data on the recommendations for preventing transmission for clinicians when working with infected patients. Dr. Li highlighted the importance of proper PPE and its impact in reducing the infection rate in the care takers. She also presented novel data on surface contamination in a patient’s room highlighting the contact areas that can have virus on them. Gerhard Scheuch recently published a manuscript in the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery on the potential for aerosol transmission during normal breathing. His thorough review concluded that yes there is the potential that normal breathing has the possibility to transmit viruses.

Throughout the medical community there has also been concerns about the ability / risk related with treating infected patients with aerosols. Undoubtedly there is a potential that delivery of an aerosol to an infected patient has the potential to generate an aerosol that may pose a risk to the caregivers. Because of this ISAM’s experts published a recommendation paper on the risks related to these procedures and offered guidance and suggestions to treating patients with aerosols during this pandemic. A copy will be posted on https://www.isam.org/covid as soon as it is available. Similar recommendations have also been published by ISAM member Arzu Ari.

The global population has largely been asked to utilize a face covering or a mask to minimize the risk of transmission. During the early days of the pandemic more traditional masks (N95’s and surgical masks) were in short supply. Therefore, experts in the field sought out creative ideas to alleviate this issue. These included sterilization approaches with VHP (Battelle’s CCDS system) and other chemical methods. Additionally, many businesses started to produce alternatives to masks in face coverings. With each of these testing was required to confirm the functionality and again ISAM’s members rose to meet this challenge! Conor Ruzycki and Phillip Clapp presented data on the effectiveness of multiple different types of mask and on the performance of these masks before and after simulated sterilization. There results can be used to help users determine the appropriate face covering for their situation and risk level.

Ultimately, in order to address the COVID-19 pandemic innovators and regulatory agencies will have to work together to efficiently (balancing speed/risk/safety) move new vaccine and therapeutic candidates through the drug development pipeline. Most estimates of standard drug development range from 5 – 15 years to develop a new drug and get it approved for use. Clearly that timeline is inappropriate in a global pandemic. In order to provide guidance on how to address this the ISAM Regulatory and Standarization Issues Networking Group published an appeal to regulatory decision makers. These recommendations include ‘weighing carefully the therapeutic risk versus benefit for each type of product and patient population, rather than using the “one size fits all” approach’. As evidence of regulatory agencies and innovators working together in this balance of risk reward we have seen Gilead’s remdesivir be approved for clinical trials via inhalation delivery

While the world is pulling together to face this global pandemic ISAM continues to be a key part of the generation, publication and presentation of evidence-based data for its members and the medical community. For the most current literature, webinars and expertise ISAM has created an open location (available to all) for COVID-19 (https://www.isam.org/covid) members and non-members are encouraged to view this website often!


Boise is Next

In response to potential travel concerns in 2021, ISAM is arranging to stream and record all workshops, lectures, posters and exhibitor information to enable all participants to have a full experience of the ISAM Congress in Boise, even if they choose to participate virtually. We expect that this expanded capability should increase participation, exposure and impact, globally, and expand the value of the Congress beyond the onsite experience.

With the uncertainty of large meetings and travel in the era of COVID-19 (and whatever new pandemic may arise by next May), we are developing options to provide a safe and educationally action-packed forum for our members and registrants. For those not comfortable or able to travel to Boise next May, ISAM will use state of the art software that allows us to broadcast and record all of our sessions including the workshops and programs. Not only will this allow speakers to present whether on site or virtually, it will enable registrants to peruse the content over an expanded time frame.

The program committee is hard at work designing a program that allows full participation both on-site and virtually.

On the ground, for those who come to Boise, we are restructuring the Congress experience to minimize risk by incorporating social distancing, providing safe food service options and implementing other precautions. The weather is typically lovely that time of year so we are exploring outside options as well. Fortunately, there are a number of cafes and restaurant with outdoor seating in close vicinity to the Congress center.

Registrants from across the street and from around the world can participate in real time, or at a time more convenient with their local sleep cycle, as desired. This includes strategies to interact with speakers and session chairs both during and after the live presentations. All the presentations will be available on the conference website and available to registrants over an expanded time frame.

Abstract submission will be much like previous congresses, but we will provide an option to display posters in both analog (paper, cloth or plastic) and digital format. We encourage use of both formats, as we develop strategies for poster presenters to interact with Congress participants via both platforms.

In the same vein, we are developing a real and virtual exhibition hall, with a number of features to expand access and participation that will be disclosed in upcoming months.

Now, if only we had digital adult beverages for the poster presentations and receptions. We’ll keep working on that!!! Whether in person or virtually, we look forward to seeing you in Boise. That's the plan so far! Let us know what you think, if you would like to participate and/or suggest anything else that might be of interest.

Drop an email to jfink@aerogenpharma.com and/or aclark@aertogenpharma.com.


ISAM webinars and journal clubs are open to all ISAM members and are more specifically intended for early career / young researchers and clinicians in the field of aerosol medicine.

Please visit the member site to access the Webinar archives.

August 5, 2020, 8AM PST, 11AM EST, 5PM (CEST)

Speaker: Professor Arzu ARI Texas State University, Department of Respiratory Care & Texas State Sleep Center, Round Rock, TX, 78665

Title: Promoting Safe and Effective Delivery of Aerosolized Medications in the Era of COVID-19: Suggestions for Homecare and Healthcare Settings

Facilitator: Chantal Darquenne, University of California San Diego

Networking Activities

New device, emerging therapies and e-health networking group is being co-chaired by Nivedita Shetty, Mark Nagel and Sabine Haussermann. We have collaboratively organized 3 webinars with diverse topics and expert speakers from both industry and academia over the past one year. Our 1st webinar focused on regulatory success with digital combination products by Samir Shah- Director, Regulatory CMC, Medical devices at Astrazeneca. Our 2nd webinar focused on the formulation aspects where Jeffry Weers- chief technical officer and head of pharmaceutical development at Respira therapeutics presented on musing on high dose powder delivery. Most recently, our 3rd webinar focused on a novel microfluidic device featuring organ on a chip technology by Dr. Fakhrul Ahsaan, university distinguished professor at Texas tech university health science center. We have also tried to enhance communication between members of this networking group by creating a LinkedIn page.

Nivedita Shetty
Purdue University
Focus: Small molecule formulation development




Sabine Haussermann
Vision Health
Focus: Aerosol therapy and delivery

Mark Nagel
Trudell Medical International
Focus: Aerosol measurement and device development


Webinar speakers invited by the networking group:

Samir Shah, PhD
Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs TEVA Pharmaceuticals




Jeffry Weers, PhD
Chief Technical Officer and Head of Pharamceutical Development
Respira Therapeutics 


Fakhrul Ahsaan, PhD
University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Texas Tech University



7th Annual Workshop on Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Trinity College Dublin September 2-4th, 2020.
Postponed to January 27-29, 2021
This three-day workshop, chaired by Prof. Carsten Ehrhardt, will cover a range of topics – spanning from anatomy and physiology of the lungs to inhaled cannabinoid therapies. The Pulmonary Drug Delivery Workshop series was founded by Prof. Ehrhardt in 2013. The goal of the meeting is to meet and discuss drug delivery with colleagues, participate in engaging talks, and to develop new collaborations. This workshop is suited for graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and researchers from industry, academia, and government agencies. Keep an eye out on the ISAM News page for updates and program information.

Submit your Manuscripts to JAMPDD

Consider submitting your latest aerosol drug delivery research to the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery, the official journal of the ISAM Society. JAMPDD is the only peer-reviewed journal that is focused on pulmonary drug delivery, advances in aerosol medicine and formulation, and toxic effects of inhaled aerosols and has an IF of 2.866.All members have direct access to JAMPDD through the member section of the website.

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