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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    Special COVID-19 webinar scheduled for March 19

    Special COVID-19 webinar scheduled for March 19


    COVID-19 special webinar : Evidence based recommendations on preventing nosocomial transmission for clinicians while taking care for coronavirus infected patients

    presented by


    Associate Professor, Clinical Education Coordinator
    Department of Cardiopulmonary Sciences-Division of Respiratory Care, Rush University

    Facilitator: Stephan Ehrmann, Critical Care, Tours University Hospital, France

    Thursday 19th of March 2020

    8 am – 9 am (San Diego, CA); 11 am – 12 am (New York, NY); 4 pm – 5 pm (Paris, France)

    • -Computer connection: follow the link http://univ-tours.adobeconnect.com/isam/
    • -Mobile connection: download the app « Adobe Connect Mobile » for iOS or Android use same address in “meeting URL”, tick “Accès invite” to enter the webinar

    Visit the ISAM Education page to register and be reminded on March 19th. 

    ISAM webinars are open to all ISAM members and are more specifically intended for early career / young researchers and clinicians in the field of aerosol medicine.