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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine


    With the following awards ISAM fosters and encourages promising new researchers, and recognizes eminent, long-standing career achievements within these areas of interest through a generous awards program. All of these are awarded to recognise and celebrate excellence in aerosol science. The following award list provides a guidance on eligibility criteria for the awards and the nomination required. 

    Career Achievement Award 

    The Career Achievement Award is presented to a senior investigator whose body of work demonstrates a lifetime of outstanding achievement in aerosol science. The nomination should clearly describe the role that the individual's work has played in advancing the field of aerosols in medicine. 

    Thomas T. Mercer Award

    The Thomas T. Mercer Award, jointly sponsored by ISAM and AAAR, is based on the achievement of excellence in the field of medicinal aerosols and inhalable materials. No other qualifications are required of the recipient. Any member of ISAM or AAAR may make nominations. Membership in either ISAM or AAAR is not required of the nominee. 

    Young Investigator Award

    The Young Investigator Award is given to a scientist who will not be older than 40 years of age in 2019 and who has made significant contributions to the field of aerosols in medicine. The nomination should summarize the contributions of the candidate to the field. The nominee must be a member of ISAM. 

    Ted Martonen Student Research Award

    The Ted Martonen Student Research Award is given to an investigator who is currently a full-time student enrolled in an MD, PhD, or master’s program and has demonstrated outstanding independent research in the field of aerosols. 

    Submission of Nominations

    For the Career Achievement, Thomas T. Mercer and Young Investigator Awards, the nominator must send a letter of nomination, at least two supporting letters, and a current curriculum vita for the nominee. Previous nominations not awarded will require re-nomination. The nominee cannot be a member of any of the awards committees.

    For the Student Research Award, only a single letter of nomination from the nominee's academic supervisor is required. This letter of nomination should be accompanied by an abstract summary of the nominee's research, using the form that is required for submission of abstracts to the ISAM Congress. If the nominee submits the same abstract for consideration of inclusion in the Congress program, they should check the box on the abstract form that indicates that it has been nominated for the Student Research Award.


    Chronology of Awardees

  • Career Achievement Award

    1988 Paul E. Morrow, Ph.D., USA

    1991 Willi Stahlhofen, Ph.D., Germany

    1993 Heinrich Matthys, M.D., Germany

    1995 Jurai Ferin, Ph.D., USA

    1997 Yoshinubo Sato, M.D., Ph.D., Japan

    2001 Joachim Heyder, Ph.D., Germany

    2003 Peter Gehr, Ph.D., Switzerland

    2005 Michael T. Newhouse, M.D., Canada

    2007 Gerald Smaldone, M.D., Ph.D., USA

    2009 Myrna Dolovich, Hamilton, Ontario

    2011 Bruce Montgomery, M.D.,USA

    2013 Günter Oberdörster, D.V.M., Ph.D., USA

    2015 Wolfgang Kreyling, Ph.D., Germany

    2017 Warren H. Finlay, Ph.D., Canada

    2019 Andy Clark, Ph.D., USA

    Thomas T. Mercer Award (jointly sponsored with AAAR)

    1995 Paul E. Morrow, Ph.D., USA

    1996 Joseph D. Brain, Sc.D., USA

    1997 Roger O. McClellan, D.V.M., USA

    1998 Werner Stöber, Germany

    1999 Willi Stahlhofen, Ph.D., Germany

    2000 Abdellaziz Ben-Jebria, Ph.D. USA

    2001 C. Arden Pope III, Ph.D., USA

    2002 Ron Wolff, Ph.D., USA

    2003 Günter Oberdörster, D.V.M., Ph.D., USA

    2004 Igor Gonda, Ph.D., Australia

    2005 Andrew R. Clark, Ph.D., USA

    2006 Myrna B. Dolovich, P. Eng., Canada

    2007 Steve Newman, Ph.D., UK

    2008 Warren Finlay, Ph.D., Canada

    2009 Dieter Koehler, M.D. Germany

    2010 Wolfgang G. Kreyling, Ph.D. Germany

    2011 Yung Sung Cheng, Ph.D. USA

    2012 Peter Gehr, Ph.D., Switzerland

    2013 Mark Utell, M.D., USA

    2014 Mark Hoover, Ph.D., USA

    2015 Omar Usmani, MB ChB, Ph.D., UK

    2016 Joe Mauderly, D.V.M., USA

    2017 Anthony J. Hickey, Ph.D., USA

    2018 Chong S. Kim, Ph.D., USA

    2019 Jack Harkema, D.V.M., Ph.D., USA

    Willi Stahlhofen Award

    2015 William Bennett Ph.D., USA

    2017 Rui Carlos Sá, Ph.D., USA

    2019 Peter LeWitt, M.D., MMSc, USA 

    Young Investigator Award

    1993 Andrew R. Clark, Ph.D., USA

    1995 Kevin E. Driscoll, Ph.D., USA

    1997 Magnus Svartengren, M.D., Sweden

    1999 Patrice Diot, M.D., France

    2001 Warren Finlay, Ph.D., Canada

    2003 James S. Brown, Ph.D., USA

    2005 Sunalene Devadason, Ph.D., Australia

    2007 Tim Corcoran, Ph.D., USA

    2009 Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, Ph.D. Bern, Switzerland

    2011 Laurent Vecellio, Ph.D., France

    2013 Andrew Martin, Ph.D., USA

    2015 Josue Sznitman Ph.D., Israel

    2017 Qi (Tony) Zhou, Ph.D., USA

    2019 Laleh Golshahi, Ph.D., USA

    Juraj Ferin Award

    1999 Werner Hofmann, Ph.D., Austria

    2001 Helger Hauck, Ph.D., Austria

    2003 Gerald Smaldone, M.D., Ph.D., USA

    2005 Peter Gehr, Ph.D., Switzerland

    2007 Wolfgang G. Kreyling, Ph.D., Germany

    2009 Gunter Oberdörster, Ph.D., USA

    2011 Beth Laube, Ph.D., USA

    2013 Patrice Diot, M.D., France

    2015 Theresa Sweeney, Ph.D., USA

    2017 Gerhard Scheuch, Ph.D., Germany

    2019 Bill Bennett, Ph.D., USA


    Winfried Moller Research Award

    2019 Benedict Huck, Germany

    Ted Martonen Student Research Award

    2001 Julie Suman, USA

    2003 Michelle Dawson, USA

    2005 Fabian Blank, Switzerland

    2007 Antoine Minne, Belgium

    2009 Shayna McGill, Hawaii

    2011 Mohanad Sahib, Malaysia

    2013 Tammy Shen, USA

    2015 Anna Maria Ciciliani, Germany

    2017 Yu-Wei Lin, Australia

    2019 Hana Barosova, Switzerland

    Best Oral Presentation

    2007 Michael Bur, Germany

    2009 Jennifer Burchell, Perth, Western Australia

    2011 Katharina Schwarz, Germany

    2013 Christian Ruge, Germany

    2015 Kleanthis Fytianos, Greece

    2017 Yu-Wei Lin, Australia

    2019 Zainal Farzal, M.D., USA