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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    Jim Fink

    Jim Fink

    Jim Fink

    Rush University / Aerogen Pharma Corp

    Currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer for Aerogen Pharma Corporation in San Mateo, CA and Senior Fellow of Aerosol Device Development for Dance Biopharm in Brisbane, CA. Dr. Fink is an Adjunct Professor of Respiratory Therapy at Rush Medical School, Chicago, and Visiting Professor, Department of Physical therapy, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. Dr. Fink led the development and implementation of aerosol devices for administration of inhaled measles vaccines in mass campaigns in developing countries and has been active in design development of liquid breath actuated insulin inhaler as well as systems for surfactant delivery to low birth weight infants, with multiple US and international patents.

    Innovation is Aerosols in Medicine – From Smart Nebulizers to Critical Care to Vaccines

    Inhaled medications are largely designed for use with not very sick ambulatory patients at home, with simple aerosol devices with low delivery efficiency. When patients have more challenging airway and systemic disease requiring larger targeted doses or more expensive drugs, Smart Nebulizers may provide a cost-effective solution.

    In the acute and critical care setting approved drug labels of aerosol drug products provide little guidance to the clinician. When a patient with severe Lung Disease requires ventilatory support, the same drugs used at home may require modifications in drug dose, frequency and device. Identifying best methods based on bench, animal and clinical work have allowed clinicians to increase inhaled drug delivery to their sickest of patients by several orders of magnitude.

    We will also explore the ongoing efforts to administer aerosol vaccines for mass campaigns in the third world.