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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    Kevin Stapleton

    Michael D Davis

    Kevin Stapleton

    Stapleton Pharma Consulting


    Dr. Stapleton has more than 20 years experience in the development of aerosol drug delivery systems, and worked on multiple products that are currently on the market helping treat respiratory disease. His experience covers the development of nebulizers and liquid formulations for nebulizers, MDIs and DPIs. Dr. Stapleton currently consults for numerous small and medium sized companies developing respiratory products.

    Introduction to Aerosol Delivery Systems


    This talk introduces 4 basic types of aerosol devices: pMDIs, DPIs, MDLIs, and nebulizers. Operational principles are introduced, and advantages and disadvantages of each type are discussed. pMDIs are the least expensive yet have a very limited dose range and the delivered dose is highly dependent on patient technique. DPIs can deliver higher loads (up to a few mg per breath) but are more expensive than pMDIs. Multi Dose Liquid Inhalers (MDLI) uses a nozzle to create the aerosol, and the Respimat is the only current example. Nebulizers is a large field, with highly varying performance. Performance differences between nebulizers is discussed. Criteria for choosing a system for your product include the efficacious dose needed, chemical parameters of the drug such as stability, patient demographics, regulatory and quality requirements, and reimbursement.