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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    2019 Congress Exhibition

    Exhibition Area

    Floor Plan - Level A3 - Ground Floor

    Last updated May 8, 2019. Please click image for larger version. Booking information link is below.



    Confirmed Exhibitors

    Booth  Exhibitor        
    1 epithelix EP logo   
    2 Optimhal-ProtecSom OP logo  
    3 Vitrocell Vitrocell logo  
    4 Copley Scientific Copley logo
    5 Insmed Inc Inamed logo
    6 PARI GmbH  
    Inamed logo
    10 ITR Laboratories Canada  
    12 La Diffusion Technique Française           

    13 TSI           TSI logo  
    15 Lung League Zurich

    bronze logo
    16 Boehringer Ingelheim  

    gold logo
    17 Clement Clarke International



    Poster Area and Breakout Rooms

    Floor Plan - Level A4 - Upstairs

    Download »   2019 Congress Sponsorship Brochure      2019 Congress Sponsorship Brochure  857 KB.
    Includes all information for reserving a booth at ISAM 2019.

    Venue: Montreux Music & Convention Centre – 2m2c

    The Montreux Music & Convention Centre – 2m2c stands for elegance, brightness and flexibility. The state-of-the-art building is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded by gardens and the principal hotels of the town. It is the perfect venue to host various meetings and conferences, exclusive events and outstanding product launches.

    The expertise of the technical staff guarantees the complete success of your event and meets the requirements of the most demanding clients. The Montreux Music & Convention Centre is home of many events, such as the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival and many other events.

    The Montreux Music & Convention Centre has, for a long time now, invested in new telecommunications technologies and continues to do so: high-speed internet, wired or wireless digital communications, telephony and videoconferencing available at all points in the 2m2c. A brand new Data and Switching Centre has just been installed in the 2m2c complex.

    The LAN network, routers connected by optical fibre, ensures high-speed connection in all the site’s public places, moreover, the access suppliers, Briod S.A. and Swisscom, provide with high-speed web connection with redundancy (1 GB). The services include:

    • High-speed internet with firewall protection
    • Creation of a VLAN network upon request
    • On-screen information system by BSwiss system
    • LAN connections (local area network)
    • High-capacity WiFi
    • Internal TV network with HD channels available

    Wherever you may be in the Montreux Music & Convention Centre, the WiFi technology provides you with high-speed wireless internet access from a laptop or a smartphone. Thus convention attendees or visitors will be able to access the web, consult their emails or access their firm’s intranet with no cable connection and without needing to stay in a specific place. This service is proposed to each organiser of a convention in the 2m2c within the limits of available capacities with the possibility of adding capacities according to the number of expected users.


    ISAM 2021 Congress

    The 23rd ISAM Congress 2021 Boise is vibrant, active and happening with worldwide scientists sharing their knowledge
    May 22-26, 2021
    Come to Boise, Idaho USA

    Enjoy the 2021 ISAM Congress and get reenergized by the breathtaking views of nature during the day and spend your evenings dining on locally sourced cuisine, enjoying an opera performance and sipping delicious cocktails.