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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    2019 Congress Sponsorship

    Sponsoring Options

    2019 Congress Sponsorship Brochure 2019 Congress Sponsorship Brochure (857 KB)

    Gold Sponsor CHF 20'000 (+VAT)

    • Logo displayed on the conference stage at all times
    • Visibility (logo) as Gold Sponsor on all communication supports
    • Acknowledgement as conference sponsor with link on the home page of the convention web site
    • Full exhibitor package (see below)
    • Possibility to organize an event in the poster hall or breakout rooms on floor level 1
    • 10 participant entries for co-workers / clients

    Silver Sponsor CHF 10'000 (+VAT)

    Visibility (logo) as Silver Sponsor on all communication supports
    • Acknowledgement as conference sponsor with link on the home page of the convention web site
    • Full exhibitor package (see below)
    • 5 participant entries for co-workers / clients

    Bronze Sponsor CFH 5'000 (+VAT)

    Visibility (logo) as Bronze Sponsor on all communication supports
    • Acknowledgement as conference sponsor with link on the web site of the convention web site
    • Full exhibitor package (see below)
    • 2 participant entries for co-workers / clients

    Exhibitor Package CHF 2'500 (+VAT)

    Table for brochures or product display (approx. 4m2 ground area) with 1 x 220 VAC electricity
    • 1 Poster board provided by the organizer or roll-up displays provided by exhibitor
    • Visibility (logo) as Exhibitor in the convention brochure
    • Logo with link on the web site of the convention
    • 2 participant entries

    Additional Sponsoring Options:

    Welcome Reception (CHF 5'000)

    • Roll Up Banner
    • Logo on ticket

    Advertisement in the final conference book

    • 1 Page (CHF 2'000)
    • ½ Page (CHF 1'000)

    Insert Material in delegate bags (CHF 1'000)

    Poster Party (CHF 5'000)

    • Roll Up Banner
    • Logo on ticket

    Conference Dinner (CHF 5'000)

    • Roll Up Banner
    • Logo on ticket

    Additional options available on request: isam2019@fsrm.ch


    Sponsorship Contact

    Edward Byrne
    FSRM - Fondation Suisse pour la Recherche en Microtechnique
    Ruelle DuPeyrou 4, CP 2353, CH 2001 Neuchâtel
    Tel : +41 32 720 09 00, e-mail: byrne@fsrm.ch

    General Terms and Conditions

    1. Registration
    The exhibition registration forwarded to the organizer is binding. Admission takes place by emailing the exhibition documents and the exhibition plan. No right of admission can be derived from the registration. In the event that more registrations are received than available stand area, these are considered in the order they were received (date of receipt, first come, first-serve).

    2. Stand allocation 
    Stand allocation takes place in accordance with demand, available exhibition areas, technical requirements and the organizer's conceptual requirements. Requests by exhibition companies regarding the stand are considered as far as possible. The exhibitor is not entitled to the allocation of a specific stand area. In principle, only the basic area is rented out at the dimensions stated. There is no entitlement to the allocation of the area stated in the registration (in terms of size and position). Furthermore, the organizer does not guarantee the exhibition’s success, i.e. for the number of visitors and congress participants.
    The organizer may change the position of the exhibition area even after the stand allocation has been sent. These changes do not substantiate a claim for a price reduction.
    An exhibition agreement between the exhibitor and the organizer comes about with the confirmation of the stand. The organizer reserves the right to exclude individual suppliers from participating at the event.

    3. Co-exhibitors 
    Sub‐letting the stand is not permitted without the organizer's prior written approval. Any approved sub‐letting of a stand area to a co‐exhibitor is subject to a flat fee of CHF 500.00 plus VAT per co‐ exhibitor.
    In addition, the lessee shall impose the organizer's contractual conditions, in particular also the organizer’s general terms and conditions, on his contractual partners.

    4. Relocation and restrictions of the exhibition
    No claims on the part of the exhibitor arise against the organizer should an exhibition have to be cut short, relocated or cancelled.

    5. Withdrawal
    If an exhibitor withdraws from his registration after having received confirmation of admission, the organizer is always entitled to 80 percent of the stand rental if the stand cannot be let out to somebody else. If the withdrawal is less than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the exhibition, or if a company stays away from the exhibition without prior notice, the full stand rental becomes due.

    6. Payment terms 
    All payments are to be made in Swiss Francs (CHF). The stand rental is invoiced without any ancillary costs and is due within the stipulated payment period without any discount.
    Bank fees for international transfers and currency exchange are at the client's expense. Where fees have already been debited to the organizer, these must be settled by the exhibitor at the latest on site against presentation of proof of payment or in cash.
    In the event of payment arrears, the organizer is entitled to withdraw from the agreement without any further notification.

    7. Insurance, liability 
    The exhibitors are obliged to take out a general liability insurance prior to the beginning of the event. An additional insurance against loss of or damage to the exhibition items during build‐up and/or breakdown, the duration of the exhibition and transport is recommended.
    Exhibitors are also liable for damage caused by their own staff or any assigned companies.
    The exhibitor is not entitled to claim against the organizer should there be any discrepancy regarding space measurements.

    8. Gastronomy provision
    The event/convention gastronomy located in the building is solely responsible for the provision of food and drink.

    9. Advertising
    Any kind of advertising outside the stand is not permitted. Acoustic and/or visual advertising aids at the stand must be designed in such a way that neighboring stands are not affected.
    The distribution or display of any prospectus, flyers, brochures or the like is generally only permitted on the exhibitor's own stand; hostesses engaged outside the stand area require the organizer's approval.
    Contraventions are subject to a fine of CHF 250.00 plus VAT.

    10. Stand design 
    Stand material must provably in any case be of low flammability in terms of DIN 4102. The effect of the sprinkler systems may not be influenced in any way. 

    11. Build-up and breakdown of the stand
    The fixed build‐up and breakdown times must absolutely be adhered to. The stipulated end of the breakdown also includes the removal of the exhibition goods.
    12. Cleaning
    The stand areas must be left in a clean condition after breakdown.

    13. Miscellaneous provisions
    In the event that the organizer is compelled to evacuate one or several exhibition areas temporarily or even for a longer period of time, to postpone, cut short or extend the exhibition as a result of force majeure or any other reason for which he is not responsible, this does not give rise to any claims on the part of the exhibitor for a withdrawal or termination or to any other claims towards the organizer, in particular claims for damages. No claims arise against the organizer if the conference has to be cut short or cancelled for any reason. This liability exclusion also extends to any changes which may become necessary at short notice concerning the stand’s measurements, position or similar.Obtaining official authorizations is always the exhibitor’s responsibility. The exhibitor also carries the sole responsibility to ensure that the provisions related to trade laws, police regulations in force, health legislation and other provisions are complied with. Should the participation in the event not be approved or the breakdown of a stand be required prior to the end of the event as a result of contravening these provisions, the exhibitor shall not have any claim towards to the organizer for a refund of costs.
    14. Final provisions
    The exhibitor's claims against the organizer expire in 6 months, provided no legal provisions state otherwise. If single provisions of the participation conditions are ineffective, this has no influence on the validity of the other regulations. The ineffective regulation shall be modified in such a way that the intended purpose is met.
    Place of jurisdiction is Neuchâtel, Switzerland and the language of any eventual court claims will be conducted in French.




    ISAM 2021 Congress

    The 23rd ISAM Congress 2021 Boise is vibrant, active and happening with worldwide scientists sharing their knowledge
    May 22-26, 2021
    Come to Boise, Idaho USA

    Enjoy the 2021 ISAM Congress and get reenergized by the breathtaking views of nature during the day and spend your evenings dining on locally sourced cuisine, enjoying an opera performance and sipping delicious cocktails.