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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    2019 Congress Venue and Transportation

    About Montreux

    Montreux Riviera stretches along Lake Geneva from Lutry to Villeneuve. Blessed by a Mediterranean climate, this region features historic castles, vibrant towns, lovely countryside and charming hotels – making it the ideal destination for dream holidays as well as demanding business trips. A great advantage of Montreux is the Walking Distance: 1,000 rooms are centrally located along the lake within walking distance from the congress centre and railway station. The entire destination offers you 2,500 rooms and offers the Montreux Riviera Card to its guests free of charge.



    Montreux Riviera is located in the centre of Europe and is easily accessible within 3-hour flight from all over Europe.

    Geneva Airport

    • 1 hour from Montreux (by direct train, coach or private transfer by limousine)
    • Route Geneva-Montreux along Lake Geneva with wonderful views
    • Direct, comfortable and punctual trains from Geneva airport to Montreux every 30 minutes
    • Direct flights from 142 airports

    Zurich Airport

    • 2½ hours from Montreux (by train, coach or private transfer by limousine)
    • Comfortable and punctual trains from Zürich airport to Montreux every 30 minutes
    • Direct flights from 178 airports

    If you use rolling suitcases, many hotels and the ISAM 2019 main venue are within walking distance of the Montreux main train Station (see map below).

    Ground Transporation

    The main bus line 201 runs along the lake from Vevey via Montreux up to Villeneuve. For more information, visit www.vmcv.ch.

    Montreux Riviera Card

    The Montreux Riviera Card is offered free of charge to every host by hotels and remains valid for the duration of the stay. You thus enjoy the free transport on the whole VMCV bus network and the Mobilis railways, as well as many other benefits.

    Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)


    ISAM 2019 • General Area Map of Montreux

    Use tools in map menu to see points of interest or to view larger map. 

    ISAM 2019 Congress

    The 22nd Congress of the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine
    May 25-29, 2019
    Montreux, Switzerland

    Enjoy the ISAM Congress 2019 inspired by the lovely scenery of Lake Geneva combined with the intellectual rigor of scientists coming from all over the world.

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