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    The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

    The ISAM Textbook

    The textbook provides comprehensive coverage of a broad range of topics related to aerosol science and clinical applications of aerosol therapy. The textbook has been written by content experts, and provides concise and up-to-date information on various topics of interest to aerosol scientists and clinicians. Dr. Rajiv Dhand, MD, the Editor-in-Chief, has been ably supported by 8 associate editors who are well known authorities in their respective fields. To allow crossover of readership between aerosol scientists and clinicians the book is primarily targeted to clinicians entering a Pulmonary fellowship program and graduate students starting a research career.

    The ISAM Textbook of Aerosol Medicine is an electronic book divided into four sections. Section 1 deals with aerosol deposition imaging, clearance, and assessment of inhaled products, Section 2 with aerosol devices, formulations, and particulates, Section 3 with clinical applications of aerosol therapy and adherence to inhaled drugs, and Section 4 addresses inhaled biotherapeutics, systemic therapy, limitations of aerosol therapy, regulatory issues with inhaled drugs, and nasal delivery of drugs. The book will be further expanded and updated in the future.

    Access to the Textbook is included in all memberships. However, if you wish to purchase individual chapters or sections you may do so here:


    Chapter 1 - Aerosol Medicine in the Past 50 Years and the Role of ISAM

    Chapter 2 - Deposition of Aerosols in the Lungs

    Chapter 3 - In vitro Testing of Pharmaceutical Aerosols and In Vitro/In Vivo Correlations

    Chapter 4 - Imaging Aerosol Deposition and Mucociliary Clearance

    Chapter 5 - Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Inhaled Drugs


    Chapter 6 - Drug Delivery Devices

    Chapter 7 - Formulations

    Chapter 8 - Inhaled Nanoparticles


    Chapter 9 - Clinical Application of Aerosols in Ambulatory Patients

    Chapter 10 - Clinical Application of Aerosols in Hospitalized Patients

    Chapter 11 - Aerosol Therapy in Infants and Children

    Chapter 12 - Adherence to Aerosol Therapy


    Chapter 13 - Inhaled Biotherapeutics and Systemic Therapy

    Chapter 14 - Limitations of Pulmonary Drug Delivery

    Chapter 15 - Regulatory Issues for Aerosol Therapy