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As always, we encourage you to visit the ISAM website as your source of information about the society and for access to resources such as the ISAM Aerosol Textbook and the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery. 

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The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) is proud to announce that the 22nd Congress will be held in Montreux, Switzerland, from 26th to 29th May 2019. The congress will bring together about 400 international attendees at one of the largest pulmonary drug delivery and respiratory health conferences. The attendees will include clinicians, respiratory health care professionals, aerosol engineers, formulations scientists and regulatory representatives.

The 22nd ISAM Congress is an opportunity for leading companies associated with aerosols in medicine. As a sponsor of ISAM 2019 you can showcase your company / scientific expertise / emerging technologies within one of the premier scientific meetings in the field. See our different sponsorship opportunities and details as to the potential exposure this venue will provide for your company. 

Mercer Award

The 2018 Thomas T. Mercer Award for excellence in the areas of pharmaceutical aerosols and inhalable materials was jointly presented by ISAM and the American Association of Aerosol Research, to Chong S. Kim of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Dr. Kim has published more than 100 peer reviewed articles on aerosol inhalation, transport and deposition in the respiratory system and been recognized with numerous other awards for his high impact work. Read more about the 2018 award recipient

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Networking groups represent an important part of ISAM to enable interaction between members and make the society living and active. Listed below are the six networking groups and their chairs:

New Devices and Emerging Therapies
Chairs: Grégory Reychler and Hugh Smyth
Environmental/Occupational Health/Toxicology
Chairs: Jennifer Fiegel and Cristinae Carvalho-Wodarz
Imaging, Modeling, and Physiology of Aerosols in the Lung
Chairs: Jeffrey Schroeter and Kim Prisk
Regulatory and Standardization Issues
Chairs: David Cipolla and Mitchell Jolyon
Pediatrics and Cystic Fibrosis
Chairs: Peter Le Souef , Ronan MacLoughlin, and Laleh Golshahi
Young Investigator / Early Career
Chairs: Jessica Oakes, Conor Ruzycki, and Landon Holbrook

Networking Group News

The Environmental/Occupational Health/Toxicology Networking Group challenges engineers, scientists, and clinicians to come together to promote aspects of aerosol research, involving the health effects of inhaled environmental and occupational aerosols. We also bring together experts in areas of inhaled medicine, whose combined efforts bring benefit to a patient´s life. The application of the most appropriate approaches, such as predictive in vitro testing models for the safety assessment of occupational aerosol or inhaled therapy, is intensively explored within this group. Together we aim to advance the knowledge on aerosol exposure - either from environmental sources or for medicinal purposes – its fate and its impact on pulmonary health. To do so, we foster discussion among academic, clinical and industrial members, and thereby promote education in the area of pulmonary medicine.

Early Stage Investigator (ESI) Highlights

ISAM ESI forum, led by Landon Holbrook, Conor Ruzycki, and Jessica Oakes (ESI ISAM board representative), are working collaboratively with Stephan Ehrmann and the ISAM board in creating and fostering a networking group geared towards trainees. As part of this effort, we would like to highlight ESIs that are doing great things – whether it be winning awards, publishing ground-breaking results, or performing research at a host institution. The first trainee that we are featuring is Nicholas Carrigy, a PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta! 

Nicholas Carrigy, mentored by Professor Reinhard Vehring, PhD thesis topic is “Engineering Bacteriophage Dosage Forms for Respiratory and Food Safety Applications”, and is expected to graduate April 2019.

His PhD work has included evaluating and comparing aerosol delivery devices for the inhalation of active bacteriophage capable of killing antibiotic-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis and studying the in vivo efficacy of bacteriophage aerosol in mice using a nose-only inhalation device. This in vivo work is in collaboration with Lovelace Biomedical and the Infectious Disease Research Institute (where he is also collaborating on development of a spray dried tuberculosis vaccine).

Nicholas is also leading efforts in a collaborative project with Phages for Global Health and the Kenya Medical Research Institute to develop a spray dried bacteriophage powder that does not require cold-chain infrastructure and can be used to decrease Campylobacter jejuni levels in retail poultry in Kenya. This project involves developing new particle engineering techniques for stabilizing bacteriophage via spray drying, along with the associated formulation work, process modeling, shipping method development, and stability studies.

In recognition of his work, Nicholas has received several awards, scholarships and recognitions.Some of these include, the Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship, Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize, NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship, Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures Graduate Student Scholarship President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction.In addition, he has written a book chapter titled “Engineering Stable Spray Dried Biologic Powder for Inhalation” which is to be published by February 2019 in Pharmaceutical Inhalation Aerosol Technology (3rd edition).

When asked what was his favorite part about doing research, Nicholas answered with: “I enjoy solving problems that have not been solved before, linking my theoretical work to my experimental work, and making positive contributions to society.”

Have a rising ESI doing excellent work in your lab? Please contact Jessica Oakes to have him/her featured in the ISAM newsletter.

ISAM 2019 Congress

Start planning today! Visit the Congress website for more information about the ISAM 2019 Congress in beautiful Montreux, Switzerland.



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