A message from the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine.

Message from the President

Dear ISAM members, friends and colleagues,

It was a pleasure to see many of you at the ISAM congress in beautiful Montreux. I would like to thank Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, Fabian Blank, Peter Gehr and everyone on the organizing committee for the superb scientific program and for making the Congress such an enjoyable event. I hope you took advantage of the many opportunities to network with colleagues and catch up with friends. I certainly did and I am already looking forward to interact with you through the ISAM activities planned over the next two years.

Thank you to the outgoing board members Ira Katz and Otmar Schmid for their hard work and dedication these last few years. Also, a very special thank you to Sunalene Devadason, whose tenure as Past-president ended this last May. Sunalene was a co-organizer of the 2005 ISAM Congress in Perth before joining the board as a regular member in 2005. She served two terms as a board member and two terms as General-Secretary before being elected President. Her expertise and knowledge of ISAM will be greatly missed.

It is an honor and privilege for me to serve as ISAM President. I am fortunate to be seconded by an enthusiastic and talented new board whose ideas and new perspectives will ensure ISAM remains a vibrant and relevant organization. I am also looking forward to interact with the ISAM membership. The board wants to hear on how to best serve the needs of its members. This is your Society, send us your ideas, feedback and suggestions.

The board is actively working on several projects to keep members engaged between congresses. ISAM will continue its webinar series that was successfully launched in 2018 thanks to Stephan Ehrmann. We will aim for four webinars per year with the next one planned for early fall (details to come soon). The board is also looking into setting up an online journal club that will highlight papers published in the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery, the official journal of ISAM and/or papers authored by ISAM members. Thank you to Alison McNabb for developing a new and much improved ISAM website that offers easy access to the membership directory, to educational content such as webinar materials, and to the journal.

The networking groups are another way to stay in touch. I would like to thank both outgoing and incoming chairs of the networking groups. Created at the request of ISAM members back in 2009, the networking groups have mainly provided inputs to the scientific program of the ISAM congresses. In addition to the five networking groups focusing on specific topic areas, a Young Investigator/Early Career networking group was created in 2013 to support and strengthen interactions among students and young investigators but also with senior scientists in the field of aerosol medicine. This year, in Montreux, the Congress organizers had planned a Women in Science luncheon that was very well attended. Based on the interest and enthusiasm of the participants at the luncheon, a Women in Aerosol Research networking group was formed. I am looking forward to the new ideas that will emerge from all the networking groups. If you haven’t done so, I strongly encourage you to join the group(s) that best fit your interests.

ISAM will maintain its ongoing collaborations with other Societies through co-sponsored symposia and events, joint membership and scientific endorsement of congresses. Thank you to Rajiv Dhand and Jim Fink for chairing the 5th pre-conference ISAM/ATS session during ATS 2019 in Dallas last May. Thank you to David Cipolla for organizing the IPAC-RS pre-conference workshop and to Rajiv Dhand for organizing the ERS-sponsored symposium at ISAM 2019 in Montreux. Thank you to Omar Usmani for organizing the ISAM/ERS session to be held at the ERS Congress in Madrid at the end of September.

The ISAM 2021 Congress will be in Boise, Idaho from May 22 to May 26, 2021 under the leadership of Congress Presidents Jim Fink and Andy Clark. We need your help to make this an outstanding conference. Please plan to attend and submit your ideas for sessions and topics to the chairs of your networking group.

I am looking forward to work with all of you for the next couple of years. I encourage you to take advantage of all the benefits the ISAM memberships provides. Feel free to keep in contact with myself and the Board with your ideas and suggestions for improvements.

Best wishes,

Chantal Darquenne

Initiation of the New ISAM Board!

The new ISAM board was initiated at the General Assembly in Montreux, Switzerland.

Steering Committee
President: Chantal Darquenne
President-Elect: Barbara Rothen
Past-President: Rajiv Dhand
General Secretary: Andrew Martin
Treasurer: Sabine Háußermann

Board Members:
Stephan Ehrmann, Jim Fink, Philip Kuehl, Bernard Mullinger, Jessica Oakes

Ex-Officio Members:
Gerald C. Smaldone, Tim Corcoran

Awards Committee:
Carsten Ehrhard (Chair), Philip Kuehl (Board Rep.), Fabian Blank (Regular Member).                                                        

2019 ISAM Congress: Platform for Intriguing Discussions and Networking

The 22nd Congress of the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) was held in Montreux, Switzerland, from 25th to 29th May 2019. A total of around 230 international attendees registered for this famous pulmonary drug delivery and respiratory health conference. Attendees included clinicians, respiratory health care professionals, aerosol engineers, formulations scientists and regulatory representatives.

Preceding the congress, on May 25, interactive workshops were held and during the congress, nine scientific and one award session were organized; all the sessions enjoyed great attention and interaction from attendees. In addition, several networking events were scheduled during the conference to foster interactions between participants and to support and coach young students. The ISAM congress also offered a broad range of sponsorship and exhibition options for companies and a total of around 20 individual sponsors used the opportunity to advertise their recent developments.

In summary, ISAM 2019 promised to be a dynamic international meeting bringing together scientists, engineers and physicians. The Conference proved to be a full success, producing interesting discussions, intense networking and a large number of high-quality presentations.


Photographs are provided by (© Ted Byrne / FSRM). A large selection of photographs from the conference (© Ted Byrne) is available in the ISAM member section of the website.


Please provide feedback on your experience at the ISAM 2019 Congress: https://forms.gle/y3rDvRePHDmDwPTC6. This is your chance to provide direct feedback which could impact the 2021 meeting!

ISAM will be at ERS 2019 in Madrid – Sept 28-Oct 2, 2019

As in previous years, ISAM will be present at the ERS International Congress. This year, the event will take place in Madrid, Spain from September 28 to October 2, 2019. If you are attending the congress, plan to stop by the ISAM booth in the World Village located in Hall 10 of the convention center (IFEMA). A presentation of “ISAM: Who we are and what we do” by Chantal Darquenne, ISAM President, has been programmed at the World Village theater. Day and time of the presentation will be available in late August on the congress website. Encourage your colleagues, especially those who are not members of ISAM, to attend the talk.

There will also be a joint ERS/ISAM session on “Recent Clinical Advances in Inhalation Therapy”. The session will be held on Tuesday October 1, 2019 from 10:45am to 12:45pm in room 9A of the Convention center (IFEMA). The session will focus on the latest developments in aerosol science for targeting drugs to the respiratory tract in many different respiratory diseases, and on the clinical advances that have arisen from aerosol science research.

Chairs: Chantal Darquenne (USA) and Frederico Lavorini (Italy).

Cons - governments should impose targets for healthcare professionals to switch their respiratory disease patients to inhalers with a low global warming potential.O. Usmani (United Kingdom)

Pros: governments should impose targets for healthcare professionals to switch their respiratory disease patients to inhalers with a low global warming potential. C. Janson (Sweden)

Mechanically ventilated patients. R. Dhand (USA)

Paediatric airway diseases W. van Aalderen (Netherlands)

Non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis. S. Antoniu (Romania)

We hope to see many of you attending the ERS 2019 Congress at these ISAM events.

New Impact Factor for JAMPDD has been Released!

The new IF for the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery is now 2.866! In addition, between January and May 2019, there has been more than 27,500 downloads, up 51% from the same time frame in 2018! These impressive numbers are a reflection of the journal’s growth, the hard work of the editorial team, and the support of the ISAM membership. All members have direct access to JAMPDD through the member section of the website.

A New ISAM Women in Aerosol Research Networking Forum

During the 22nd ISAM Conference in Montreux, a Women in Science luncheon was organized by Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser and Jessica Oakes. This highly successful event gathered both student and professional female attendees for a lively discussion regarding career development and opportunities for women within the profession.As a result of the conversation, attendees decided to initiate a new Women’s Networking Group. The group will enable opportunities to enhance the visibility of women within the Society and promote the entry, development, and full participation of women in ISAM. To support this mission, the Women’s Networking group will engage in activities to increase the engagement and retention of women within ISAM, highlight contributions of women in the field, provide networking means for women in ISAM to use each other as resources, enhance leadership and career development opportunities for women, develop and/or distribute resources on subjects pertaining to women in ISAM, and mobilize ISAM to meet the needs of existing and potential female members of ISAM. The new networking group will be chaired by Cathy Fromen and Mehra Haghi. The new chairs look forward to the inaugural efforts of the networking group and welcome any suggestions from the entire ISAM community to achieve the group’s goals.

New Leaders of the ISAM’s Early Career Networking Forum

Phillip Clapp is a post-doctoral researcher in the Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma, and Lung Biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Phillip applies his graduate training in toxicology and research experience in pulmonary cell physiology to investigate how toxicants affect host defense responses in the respiratory system. He is currently working with Dr. William Bennett to assess the effects of e-cigarette emissions on respiratory mucociliary clearance (MCC) in healthy adult vapers using gamma scintigraphy. This work will provide some of the first human in vivo data for the acute effects of vaping on key respiratory defense functions.

Emily Kolewe is a second-year graduate student at the University of Delaware in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Her work focuses on developing in vitro models to evaluate inhalable therapeutics. Using patient CT scans to create 3D printed models, she hopes to demonstrate feasibility in quantifying particle deposition in unique ways. For example, her main project utilizes the inlet position and naturally occurring flow streams in the lungs to control and target deposition of fluorescent polystyrene particles to individual lobes, thus requiring quantification of lobe deposition. She is excited to contribute to ISAM through the Early Career Networking Forum.


Jordan A. Hoops is a PhD student in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Educational and work experiences in biology, engineering, and medicine have led her to pursue a research career in pulmonary health and therapeutics. Her doctoral research is focused on responses of pulmonary epithelium to particulate exposure and nanotherapeutic intervention.

As a member of the early career leadership group, Jordan is excited to connect with other young investigators and find ways to maximize the benefits of membership and involvement in ISAM.

ISAM 2023 – Call for proposals

Yes 2023 is not that far away!!! The ISAM board is soliciting proposals for the ISAM2023 Congress. In keeping with our alternating sites across the oceans, the preferred site would be Europe or Australia/Asia, but applications from all sites will be considered. Proposals should be received by the board no later than November 30, 2019 for full consideration. Applications forms can be obtained from the General Secretary Andrew Martin (armartin@ualberta.ca).

Consider attending the Aerosol Dosimetry Conference this Fall

Irvine, CA October 10-12, 2019
ISAM is sponsoring the third Aerosol Dosimetry Conference on “Inhaled Aerosol Dosimetry: Models, Applications and Impact” that will be held at The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering in Irvine, California on October 10-12, 2019. The conference will focus on advancing our understanding of internal doses received from inhaled substances. Abstract deadline has been extended to August 12, 2019. For additional information, please check the conference website at https://medicine.uci.edu/occupational/dosimetryconference/index.asp.

Aerosol School to be held October 9-11, 2019 

Aerosol School is an intensive three day curriculum designed to provide the didactic background and practical laboratory hands-on experience to quantify and characterize medical aerosols. Upon completion of the program, participants should understand the measurements and techniques utilized in commeFinercial pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories as well as academic research. The curriculum is a perfect primer for anyone interested in measurements of medical aerosols, whether for industry or clinical research. Learn more.


Visit the Website

As always, we encourage you to visit the ISAM website as your source of information about the society and for access to resources such as the ISAM Aerosol Textbook and the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery.

Have a Story Idea, Recent Publication, or News you would like to share with the ISAM Community? Please reach out to Jessica Oakes to be included in the next newsletter!


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